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Darn...I was down there on Saturday myself and was going to do a post as well. You beat me to it.

Except for the bollards, they did a really nice job with the new park. I really like the separate pedestrian section on the trail. I was wondering the same thing about Maryland after seeing the boundary marker.

The bike-commuter parking is a good idea.

Separate pedestrian lane is awesome. I wish they would widen and add this to the CCT.

I'd be surprised if they allowed bike commuter parking. The NPS already prohibits commuter parking in Belle Haven Park about 1 mile to the south, forcing bike commuters to park on the west side of the Parkway and cross the Parkway at grade during rush hour. There's also all kinds of auto traffic during the school year at the JPP access point on S. Royal Street from drop off line at St. Mary's School. It would take 15 minutes to drive to the JPP parking lot.

It would be interesting if in Virginia they added little markings - like brass lines in the sidewalks - everywhere that showed the historical boundary of DC.

I must admit for as much as I disagree with the whole bollard/TSA situation, the park is absolutely wonderful. It's really a nice place to ride and walk around. Plus, I can practice fly casting much more easily now since there are so many more access points to the water.

FWIW, here's a site with all the boundary stones on a Google map. Kinda cool. http://www.boundarystones.org/

Wow, thats very classy. Nice job

How does the MVT tie into this park heading south? Do you just continue along Union St. Until it dead-ends intot he park?

Thanks for the great report.

steve, basically yes. At the end of Union there is a trail connection that skirts the housing and river north of the park and then it joins the park.

Nice Clash allusions.

Whoops! You know I meant the Pistols! (Jenny Jones was stuck in my head).

There is a new commemorative marker near the lighthouse that says:

Who Owns the River?

According to Lord Baltimore’s land grant from King Charles I in 1932, Maryland owns the River of Pattowmack… unto the further Bank of said River.” But with Virginia’s shoreline constantly shifting, how could the border be fixed? In 1929, a survey to establish the boundary placed 58 markers, including this one on Jones Point, helping to resolve almost three centuries of dispute. When Maryland ceded land to create the nation’s capital in 1788, the District of Columbia gained ownership of the river within its newly-created bounds.

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