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Is that sign attached with zip ties?

My guess is someone at the Washington Canoe Club was once almost hit by a texting cyclist and decided to put up this sign on his own. Of course, the Park Service needs to take this sign down. And while we're at it, remove the "walk bike" signs in nearby Gtown Waterfront Park (http://www.flickr.com/photos/mvjantzen/7377763134/)

I'm just glad I can still check my email and send a tweet. Just no texting.

No giving speeches to Congress while biking either. No doing laundry, no nail-filing, and certainly no beer pong.

Can we get a sign saying "No Dumb Signs"?

Turtleshell, I don't see any dumb signs, just a warning against dumb behavior.

How is this not D.C. law? Cyclists would be treated like vehicle operators who are already prohibited from "distracted" driving.

I've seen people texting while biking on the CCT. I suspect Darwin enforces this one.

Great sign. But it's CYCLING, not "biking". God I hate that word.

But good advice. Anyone who thinks there are not as many stupid, entitled, irresponsible and just plain dumb cyclists out there in proportion to motorists with the same qualities hasn't cycled the CCT.

Samuel, the law reads "No person shall use a mobile telephone or other electronic device while operating a moving motor vehicle in the District of Columbia unless the telephone or device is equipped with a hands-free accessory"

So it specifically doesn't include cyclists.

How can you tell if a cyclist is texting versus seeeing where they are on a map on their phone?

Crickey: while Darwin may enforce the rule, it is likely at the cost of other trail users who get hit.

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