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Was this after they had a full day of ticketing cabs for operating cars with multiple technical defects, unsafe operation and endangering pedestrians, cyclists and other motorists? Just wondering. That looks like the laziest way to make the quota, which probably also makes it so popular. (Maybe the pedicab operators should consider sponsoring holiday parties for certain people. That seems to be the way to reduce some hassles.)

Noticably the NPS Officer has ridden up on the sidewalk with his motorcycle just a few feet away from a stroller. I'm sure they're issuing the ticket under the guise of "safety," but they can be the biggest hypocrites sometimes.

That's quite a police response.

I'm sure they couldn't find one of those tour buses driving around Haines Point at 40 mph in a 20 mph zone. Or anyone speeding on the GW Parkway.

Just further confirmation that the only real traffic violation is "Failure to GTFOOMY".

What was he being ticketed for? I thought that NPS was no longer picking on the pedicabs.

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