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Good video. Kudos to prosecutors there who were able to dimiss the absurd pretense of the old "stolen car" lie and bring charges.

Contrast that with last years hit and run here on a cyclist on Rhode Island Ave. Despite also having a camera that captured the offending vehicles's plate our local law enforcement declined to prosecute stating that there also be a clear identification of the driver as well.

Their attitude didn't make any sense until we later learned that the owner of the vehicle was a former police officer!

Anyway - cameras on the streets can be among our best friends in sustaining our right to use the roads.

I say more cameras on signal lights, speed cameras by the side of the road and cyclists with gopro's on their bikes.

I'd like to repeat my request for links to videos in the text of the posts. Besides helping to resolve problems with display in various browsers, it also makes these items a lot easier to share. Not wanting to create more work for you, but offhand doesn't seem like more work (other than remembering). :^)

In this case:

My car gets stolen 2 or 3 times a month. And brought back, too. That's not normal?

Any more news on the Rhode Island road rager?

Wow! Hit-and-run, lying about it, harassment of riders (isn't that a separate offense in CA?) and all caught on video. Is this attempted murder?

Eric, harassment of riders is only an offense in L.A. so far. At the state level in CA we haven't even passed an adequate passing clearance law yet.

Thanks for the clarification! Now that you mention it, I recall the article saying that it was LA. In any event, it looks pretty obvious that the driver swerved into the bike lane with the sole purpose of hitting the cyclists.

Any idea what camera the rider was using? Any recommendations from anyone on good cameras for the purpose, with sharp images, lots of recording time, and not a lot of money?

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