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Is that a pool in between the road and MUP in the rendering?

2028? I'll probably be riding a recumbent by then!

(No offense to recumbent riders intended.)

These pictures make me laugh. If its being built in 2028, they need to add in some jetpacks, flying cars and zeppelins.

At least there's the planned cycletrack along 1st. And if we can get something similar along M between 1st and the MBT access, we'll have a functional route until something "more grandiose" can get built.

7 Billion dollars buys a lot of bike lanes EOTR

Yeah, why is everyone dressing so retro?

Arghhh. I don't see any physical barriers between the cyclists and the peds. How long will it take for planners to figure out how important that is?!

Who needs physical barriers? Arm us with grenade launchers and laser cannons.

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