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CaBi is definitely going to affect taxi ridership everywhere it's successful. It's aiming at the same market.

I assume the driver was stopped because he was going over 15 mph on the trail.

I rode my bike to the Tidal Basin. When I got to the Mall at 15th & Const, I was told to use the right-hand lane under the crowded tent, where they swabbed my bike and made me wait for the test results (about a minute). They also made me remove the lens from my camera.

I vote for removing all the miles of fences and check points; just keep the Mall open.

I'm pretty sure that I encountered the same driver on the CCT last year, on 7/27. Looks like the same car. I noted the license plate as something like "BUZOOM" - this guy's is BLU ZOOM.

BLU ZOOM also failed to have a helmet.


Arlington PD were canvasing all the trail users on W&OD this afternoon between Columbia Pike and Rt 50 and handing out flyers with the same info as the post (including the 'mile marker 44' - based on what the police were saying it seems to be around that junction where the little vegetable garden is.)

He reportedly drove pretty fast and dangerously and was arrested by the Park Police.

See, I've been wondering what it would take for a Park Police officer to actually pull an automobile driver over and ticket them. Good to know.

David R, are you talking about this incident? That would be truly bizarre, and something that you should contact the Park Police about. Having him drive drunk down the CCT would be bad enough, but if the same driver did that twice - I'd have to think it would be a more serious crime.

I've been in touch with USPP - officer I talked to will pass info on to the arresting officer, but they didn't take my number. (On the other hand, there are a lot of reports from the incident a year ago, so the arresting officer can readily get data.)

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