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Abandoned bikes should be donated to the many charitable organizations that give bikes to low-income kids, or people in developing countries.

The DUI case:
The area where the accident occured is terribly designed for anything except cars. They really need to redo the road design.

Also, the story says that both the driver and cyclist left the same bar at about the same time. If two guys left the same bar and one killed the other shortly thereafter, you'd have to ask whether it was an accident.

Under all the circumstances, I wonder why the driver was even allowed bail.

New response when interrogated about cyclist scofflawage: "Oh, that was probably just Congressman Chaffetz. That guy is a menace."

No morning post?

If Chuck Thies wants lots and lots of cars then he can move to LA. Plenty of smog and congestion to suit his taste. Good riddance!

Confiscated bikes at Michigan State University were converted into their Green Bikes system while I was a student there - sort of a free bikeshare system. They were painted Michigan State Green and then left, unlocked (who wants to steal such a bike?) at a bike rack for use by anybody. I don't think there was a methodology for balancing the system, but hey, free bike rides.

anyone with information about the crash on Tuesday - MVT trail on the hill/ chicane going North just before the small wooden bridge. Ambulance on the parkway and one fellow on a stretcher. Two bikes in tangled heap.

Would charitable organizations take a bike so bad that nobody would even steal it?

MBT sko gjennom brukervennlig design, forbedret benstøtte kraft, kan det være bedre å støtte kroppsvekt.

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