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From the map, this appears to be where the Bethesda tunnel meets the GBT.

Meant to post this here instead of in the more topic-specific war on cars post for this morning. Sorry for the double post.

From the Alexandria BPAC list:

"Around 7:45 a female cyclist was hit crossing the GW parkway just south of Memorial Bridge. She appeared to be in critical condition. This continues to be a dangerous crossing."

How many victims will it take before they do more than paint a couple rumble strips?

As someone pointed out on BikeArlington in the battle over funding it unfortunately is cars vs mass transit vs mups because all three rely on gas tax dollars. Less cars=less tax dollars=less money to go around. The more cars off the road, the less money. The more riders, costs more money.

T, I think you're at the wrong post. But...yes, there is only limited funding. But if people only walked and biked everywhere, we wouldn't need gas taxes - the whole transportation system could be covered by the current subsidy. So moving people from car to bike frees up more money than it costs - which means more money for cars.

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