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I thought he was just a blowhard, but Mr. Townsend's comment is very sinister and evil, twisting everything backwards and clearly trying to drive a wedge.

It goes without saying that he is the one advocating against "all families," trying to starve public transportation, complete streets, etc, but what he says is still kind of scary.

Also, what he says just makes no sense; people have to pay for their "included" parking spot in the price of the apartment, so if you have a car you're going to pay for it one way or the other. Only this way, you have the option of not paying for it if you don't want to have a car. Anyway I know I'm preaching to the choir here but this level of hypocrisy makes my head spin.

$35 is less than a full tank of gas and way less than VA charges for its "car tax." $35 is 2-3 days parking in a commercial lot. Irrespective of whether we want more or less cars, it is clear that the city has a big source of revenue for which it is undercharging, when compared to commercial lots, against which $350 for a year would be steal.

There is a strong feeling of being entitled to park one's car on the public street in front of your house.

In some neighborhoods it is so strong that if you mistakenly park your vehicle in front of someone else's house you may find a friendly or not so friendly note left on your windshield.

And woe to the county planner who tries to establish a bus stop in one of these 'exclusive' neighborhoods. The NIMBY's are instantly out in force decrying the taking away of their privileges to use the street for their cars and their cars alone.

Hahahaha regarding Townsend's comment. Lordy, it's a PRIVATE vehicle which should be stored on PRIVATE land and paid for by PRIVATE money. Roads should be about moving vehicles, not storing them. As a taxpayer, I do not want to subsidize where people keep their cars. And these are the same folks who scream about subsidized housing.

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