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Maybe they check for saddle sores? Or chain grease on the legs (which are shaved)?

The Eden Project biodome in SW England provides discount on entrance fees if you arrive by public transportation, foot or bike. When we visited there, it was purely an honor system, although I think we had to explain where we walked in from.

I would think a small bakery like this could look outside and see your bike, or perhaps as long as you weren't jangling your car keys in front of the cashier, they'd give you the benefit of the doubt.

The more important question is, where is there such a lovely Italian bakery near DC, and can I get to it by bike?

+1 to Tara's post. No fair posting the pic without a clue to the shop's location. Thats downright cruel not to mention unusual.

Ack, another view showed all. I am abashed.

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