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I will be on vacation, but could someone answer when the Bikeshare stations will be installed in Old Town? They were promised by June, if I recall, and here it is getting to the end of August ...

The word on that is still "by the end of summer," but I'm told that Alexandria city staff will be very happy if they meet that September 21st deadline. Part of the holdup has been resistance from the "read my lips, no new tourists" crowd residing in Old Town. The city was forced to move the waterfront CaBi station to a location where it would replace parking. That required a return to the Traffic and Parking Board for approval (sounds simple, but every agenda item must be made public something like 30 days in advance of a meeting).

The same no-new-tourists crowd who love to park their cars blocking the sidewalks, I bet. Although I do think there probably should be some sort of item about not riding on sidewalks, at least during tourist season on King Street, otherwise I see all sorts of problems. (And PS, I ride on the sidewalk right where Abingdon exit is off Washington St because it's safer than risking getting hit by the people who think the GWP begins there).

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