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The covered bike parking is not new, it was relocated to accommodate the on-going renovations to Hayes street and the sidewalk. Departing from the Pentagon City location are the Metro bike lockers.

Is there ever a "good" opinion piece in the Washington Times?

It's unfortunate that they took a potshot at cyclists in relation to DC idiotically placing speed cameras on 395/295. For one thing, we can't ride on those highways (and since when is a highway a 40mph road except by the most literal legal definition of the word). For another thing, some of us are opposed to the speed cameras for a variety of reasons.

They're confusing causation and correlation. Just because someone rides a bike or is from DC does not necessarily make them pro-speed camera, liberal or whatever other term they wish to eschew.

With that said, toss the Kwame Brown part aside and why the hell was an MPD officer falsfying logs? Are they really that lazy? I mean I guess the question answers itself, but that should be a bigger tipoff to the BAC/PAC and WT. If they're too lazy to even certify a log from their desk then why are they going to respond to a car hitting a bicycle? But the WT is too quick to paint with a broad brush, which is why even moderate conservatives gave up reading the paper long ago.

"(and since when is a highway a 40mph road except by the most literal legal definition of the word)."

[csb] I almost failed the Va written driving test the first time I took it, because inner suburban me considered 'highway' something like I-395 and not, as the people that wrote the driving test did, something like US 17 where it is actually credible for schoolbuses to stop and pick up kids.[/csb]

@kolohe; freeway vs. highway. Or interstate. I think it is almost a north-south thing, not just an urban-rural thing.


What would be useful is a clear statement for WABA that speed cameras on 295 are stupid. Off topic -- absolutely. Build some friends -- yep.

One upside to the NYC and Chicago bikeshare delays is that it should allow for the planned CaBi expansion bikes and stations to arrive in the area with fewer delays (using the old technology, not the newer, buggy version).

This year, that should be about 50 more DC stations, 8 in Alexandria, and possibly a few more in Arlington (although the main push is 33-39 new stations in 2013 as they seem to have wrapped up most of the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor expansion, with perhaps a handful left). No recent word on the Rockville-Shady Grove 20, and the rest of MoCo/College Park/Greenbelt expansions seem to be about a year off.

Jacques, same deal in Boston. Expansion was originally set for May-June and mysteriously delayed.

Then they missed the July new york launch and starting Aug 1 stations started popping up in Boston....twenty new ones so far. Looks like New York stock that was shipped north.

Par gode sko er ikke bare vakker utenfor, er det samlede bildet for å ha absolutt innflytelse.

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