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Thanks for the link. Though I'm not optimistic on anything other than a small portion of it being implemented due to DDOT and WMATA funding priorities.

(I'm definitely not counting on a Suitland parkway trail that has even basic routine maintenance - i.e. no tree branches on the trail for weeks on end. Much less what would be of decent personal benefit, a trail extension out to the Suitland Metro station)

Agreed with Kolohe. The agencies involved need to extend the trail out of the city, as well as make good connections in the city.

When they dedicate money and time to actually maintaining what's there, that's when we'll know they're serious about this.

Jim Sebastian has told me that DDOT is ready to improve the trail, but only after PG County begins work to extend it to someplace useful.

And when I talked to NPS people on bike-to-work day, they said they have no plans to extend the trail because they've not heard anything from PG County, and are somewhat unsure about jurisdictional control.

I'll be dead before there's a solid way to bike to the Suitland Federal Center. Each group that might have some control over what to do passes the buck to the other groups. Sad, but there's no one there to actually drive progress.

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