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I would imagine that there's a bit of lag time between adding parking and seeing it utilized more. Cycling even just a mile or two to a metro station is a lifestyle change for some, if not most, so it may take some time between them seeing the new racks, deciding they want to do a multimodal commute including a bike, and finally tuning up/buying a bike and starting to ride to the station.

The other big issue, perhaps bigger issue, is (perceived) safe routes to the station from where someone lives. I'll go out on an uneducated limb and say this is probably a particularly big issue at some of the farther out metro stations surrounded by 6-8 lane 45 mph arterials... If people can't get there by bike to begin with, all the parking in the world won't make a difference.

@BlindPilot: Agree about the lag for people to: 1) try out new rack availability; and 2) make it a regular part of their routine, as opposed to an occasional bit.

I bike to the suburban Virginia Metro stations a fair bit, as well as directly to work in DC sometimes. Out here, most of the people who will ever bike to the Metro already have a bike that will serve them well on a several mile commute to the Metro. It's actually outfitting with the other gear, figuring out the routine to get presentable at work, and the other elements of organizing a bike that holds many people up.

In summer & winter weather, I actually find that a multimodal bike/Metro commute is more painful in the morning than biking all the way into the city. A lengthy ride in the heat or cold of an overcrowded Metro car while still sweaty and wearing & carrying biking gear, is a pretty miserable experience. And that's for me -- not the freshly-showered woman in a suit wedged against my armpit!

I still end up doing the multimodal because it's faster, but that doesn't mean I like it.

We're number 1! That Braddock Road has more bicycles than any other station is great info for supporting bike lanes in Alexandria.

The flat landscapes and not-too-unfriendly street grids of Old Town, North Old Town, Rosemont, Del Ray and Chirilagua are responsible for the big numbers at Braddock and King St. With a better bike network those numbers could be much higher.

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