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Bonus points for "Now I'm an avid cyclist myself but..." and "...biking is great...except when the rider is not doing their best to 'share the road'."

Go fuck yourself, avid cyclist.

Cyclists have a *right* to public space, just as pedestrians have a *right* to public space. Operating a motor vehicle on the public roads is a *privilege*, not a right.

"I’m shocked there aren’t more accidents. I propose that current laws be modified to require that cyclists be licensed, wear helmets and obey the same laws as automobile drivers, as appropriate."

If points 1 and 2 are instituted (3 is already the law, dummy) then you bet your ass I'm going to start using 395 and the GWMP for my bike commute (which would be enjoyable for the 5 minutes of it that I'd live through). Also, I expect that new building developments will include minimum bike parking requirements, bike manufacturers will get billions in taxpayer subsidies, and the 85% rule used to determine speed limits must take cyclist speeds into account as well. Fair is fair...

"The majority of people killed in bicycle accidents are male."

I'm not sure I know how that fits into a licensing system, but I'm suddenly very afraid.

"It's time for cyclists to be held accountable in the same way motorists are."

We then that means that cyclists really don't need to be acountable. The laws on drivers are lax and the enforcement of them are even more lax. Many laws are never enforced on drivers.

I could've sworn they finished the 'study' part of Boundary Channel interchange. I seem to remember Froggie (or maybe it was you) illustrating which ramps were closing.

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