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Interesting that you have another blog... sometimes it's a struggle for me to write now (although I probably have a running unwritten list of 100 or so posts to write) just because I get bored (I've written so many other posts that it doesn't seem so pressing).

FWIW, very interesting point about Armstrong and the outside person aspect.

I make a not dissimilar point about government agencies and marketing, branding. They have to do it, and they ought to do it well, not half assed.

Yeah, I don't work on it that hard. But sometimes I just want to write about something else.

Sad to hear about the restaurant owner, but the headline is re-goddamn-diculous..."bicycle collides with OC bus"? Were they intentionally trying to make it sound like the cyclist was at fault, or is it just the expression of a subconscious feeling that "well, the bike shouldn't have been riding in that bike lane, he was basically asking to get hit!"

Everyone reported it like that "collided with bus" which is how I would put it if the bus were not moving. Maybe that was the case, though I don't think so. More likely, that's how the police reported it and everyone used that language.

Fixing it for you...

49-year-old Patrick McCusker of Cockeysville was riding a bicyclist [sic] and collided with a bus.

I'm guessing that McCusker was riding a bicycle and not a bicyclist. Why am I not surprised that the fine editorial staff over at WaPo managed to miss that, too.

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