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other grant award for design of Army Navy dr cycletrack in arlington.

The downtown dc parking award will put performance parking in the Gallery Place area

Here's a little information about Montgomery County's projects receiving the aforementioned state grant money: http://cyclemoco.com/2012/07/maryland-announces-bikeway-grant-winners/

Wash, did you mean to link to this article (If Kant Were a Cyclist)?


wow. a lot of info about maryland.

NONE of those projects matter...NONE challenge or even run orthogonal to the (car) transportation system (sic), as it currently (and will ) exist in maryland.

ALL of those projects reflect a certain kind of socialism: in conception, and execution.

are you a socialist washcycle? are your readers socialists now, too?
why dont you let the market decide on what improvements are worthy?...

mike, your comments have become boring an unproductive.

I learned exactly... nothing from "mike's" comment.

How is pumping more subsidy into a single mode of transportation a response to any market force?

I think you conflate "market" with "preference", and then further take as evidence of "preference" part patterns of modal investment and the resulting useage of those modes.

This thinking is more than a little circular.

Oh no, socialism! “I’ve been giving that a lot of thought, and I kind of believe that maybe there is a place for government to build streets.” -- Ayn Rand

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