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Re: Seattle Trail

I was expecting the usual "but how will people drive up to my business and park if there are cyclists about" sort of histrionics about this gap. Turns out that these businesses kind of have a point with regards to large trucks and train tracks.

That just means that trail designers should doubly make sure that facilities can some how be separated and mitigate the impact. Personally, I'll call for an impressive bike flyover of some sort just piss off people who will go "we spent how much on a bike bridge?"

I don't really follow Herndon that closely, but being that someone who is a self-described "active cyclist" opposed the Herndon resolution, is there more that I'm missing? I recently took relatives to visit Herndon and for dinner when we were nearby. The owner asked me if I bicycle there (not sure why - I wasn't dressed as such) and I made sure to tell him that I was attracted to Herndon on my W&OD rides through the town. I'm glad that business owners recognize that even if someone doesn't bicyle to their business, bicycling facilities can still attract business.

"I'm an active cyclists, but..." = "Some of my best friends are black."

I'm glad to hear that DC DoT keeps planning more bike lanes. But when are they going to start building the ones they planned. ie the cross town cycle trak. Does anyone have an update.

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