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When I renew my CaBi membership this September I'll get a new keyfob and park the black keyfob in a climate controlled drawer, only to be used on super special occasions. Then sell it to pay for my kids' college.

I split my black key fob and my first replacement red key fob. I found that wrapping one length of scotch tape around the end of the fob kept it together and still allowed the fob to slide inside the dock without problems. That tape has been holding for months now.

If your fob splits again, I suppose that you could take the chip out of the fob and then attach it to a cut-down plastic card (ie trim enough of the card away to create a tab that can be inserted into the dock). That would allow you to keep your "fob" in your wallet instead of on your keychain -- if you're interested in that kind of thing.

Not only do you lose the fob, you lose the low number.

todd, after the fob split I was able to move the chip back into place and put the fob back together, which enabled me to stick the fob in again, but the reader didn't detect it. I figured that some contact was lost or something?

My black CaBi key lasted exactly one year, I think. It stopped working right about the time that I renewed my membership. At the time, I thought the problem had something to do with the renewal, that it was necessary to get a new key each year. I guess not.

I usually keep the new key in a separate Ziploc bag to protect it from sweat, rain, etc.

my black one died after a few months. it was painful.

the cabi employees i think have green ones.

green ones? i need to see a photo of that!

i'm happy my black key is still ticking, but i know it's only a matter of time...

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