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Speaking of accidents, yesterday morning my better half and friends came across what looked like a terrible accident just off the CCT in the Somerset area. A recumbent was locked up, the fire dept was hosing down the road, the ambulance had left, and the police said that they werent allowed to say what happened. Anyone know?

I saw the aftermath while the victim (man, perhaps 60 y.o.) was still there. He looked pretty banged up but was laying in the lap of some good samaritan (lots of great people stopped to help) He was talking and appeared to be cogent and not in great pain.

Not a good spot to crash. Some bystanders said they had been hearing the ambulance trying to find a way to them for a while. It's one reason I stop riding the CCT at night after late December when the numbers on the trail plummet, the other being the phenomenom of the pool of light cast by my Nite Rider seeming to float.

Might have been a different accident. The one I saw was down near the Palisades.

This one was up near Bethesda.

Bad day on the trail.

In happier news, the new asphalt on the inner half of Columbus Circle(ie the lanes generally going NW) is awesome. I can't wait for them to do the other half. I've almost been bounced off a CaBi bike riding around that circle.

CaBi installed at King Street Metro yesterday. Three to go.


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