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I witnessed the police fail to take an accident investigation seriuosly after a very serious hit and run crash in Montgomery County in 2005. I assume they do things better now, but they were not on the ball then. In the crash a pickup truck hit a rider from behind on Randolph Rd near Kennedy H.S. and stopped briefly, then drove off. The cyclist ended up in a coma. The police did not launch a major investigation, did not issue a public bulletin, and did not assign the case to a detective until I complained. Even then it was two weeks before they issued a bulletin asking the public to look out for the vehicle. Also, the detective they assigned was not well versed in hit & run investigations. The victim died maybe a month later, which finally prompted the police to put an experienced crash investigator on it who could query MVA databases, etc. By that time it was too late to make any progress and no one was ever caught.

jack, i thought you didnt take any of this sutff that seriously?...it sounds like youre just tilting at windmills...
who really cares about cyclists in montgomery county? -- certainly not the police...the council?! bah ha ha ha ha...can you say "we need another sidepath along route..."

Mike: ????

Jack: Thanks for your work on this. As I read these stories over the years I see attitudes changing, albeit slowly.

I think it is worth noting that, in urban areas such as Washington DC, most of the traffic fatalities involve people in cars killing bystanders rather than each other [1]. Motorists wield the power, but the majority of the risk falls on non-motorists. This is simply immoral.

[1] http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/trafficandcommuting/half-of-dc-traffic-fatalities-were-pedestrians/2012/08/06/107be118-dff8-11e1-a19c-fcfa365396c8_story.html


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