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why do I suspect that land acquisition is in Rosslyn next to the Mt. Vernon trail.

I still can't believe they built a gazillion dollar super wide highway in MD and didn't build the complete parallel bikeway they promised. Would be even more upsetting if they're sitting on unspent funds for the purpose.

Maybe Maryland could use the money to expand the width of the Purple Line path under Air Rights Bldg/tunnel by Bethesda. I mean 5 feet across is not going to cut it.

I'm not sure I followed the post on MVT. My understanding was VA doesn't really spend any money on MVT of GWP because they're under NPS jurisdiction. Now if NPS had some unspent projects then perhaps we could convince them to build a bridge over the GWP area rather than continously moving the crosswalk. I mean that's just a death trap there. I hate crossing it.

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