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The increase in commuter traffic on Beach drive has doubled thanks to the BRAC-ing of Bethesda Naval Hospital. Restriction of the sheer numbers could take the form of a weight limit with required stickers for use of the Park roads. Eliminating SUVs would make a dent.

Fascinating read--thanks for digging this up! Bikes and cars have been living with each other on Beach Drive for such a while that I think they've made peace with them -- cars generally give bikes wide berth and are pretty polite (even if still exceeding the speed limit). As a cyclist, I've been more aggressively buzzed off the road by roving packs of Fred pacelines than by cars.

I used to bike commute on Beach Drive. It was a rare day not to be harassed, passed on a blind curve, or passed in another quite unsafe fashion.

I recognize the political reality that closing Beach Drive during commuting times will never happen, even though that's what the Charter language and the proper mission of the NPS would support. It just irks me that drivers moan about cyclists on Beach Drive even though in a just world, commuting through the Park by car would be impossible.

I've been more aggressively buzzed off the road by roving packs of Fred pacelines than by cars.

You've *literally* been buzzed off the road by packs of other cylists?? My, that must have been terrifying!

It would be good to close Ross Drive and Ridge road to Ross drive on weekends this along with the weekend closure of Beach Drive makes possible a loop with a nice climb or two. As it is Ridge road is a problem because the two way traffic and blind. I recall in the early 70's NCVC used that loop for races on Sunday mornings. corners.

I may have used some poetic license, Oboe. :) I have definitely been buzzed over to the crumbly pebbly edges of Beach Drive by aggressive cyclists. On the other hand, 9 times out of 10, cars give me extremely wide berth when passing.

Good story. The trail that parallels the road is a menace in places, and along the edge of the road itself, where a cyclist might be expected by some to ride, is the worst part of the paving. I suppose in tight budget times it's a bit much to expect repaving or even grinding the trail, but it's fit for nothing but a mountain bike in places. Rather than getting rid of cars, I'd like to see what's there for cyclists maintained.

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