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Are the "miles traveled" by CaBi users calculated using the pre-measured distance between stations, assuming users ride in a direct path from the check-out station to the check-in station? Seems like a lot of people, daily users in particular, are probably taking either indirect routes or very circuitous routes, meaning the miles traveled is probably much higher than reported.

It's probably a relatively meaningless statistic compared to trip numbers and subscriber counts, but if they're saying "CaBi saved X pounds of CO2 or X gallons of gas" then it could make those numbers look even better.

Where is the birthday party like last year?

CaBi appears to use straight-line distance. I find most of my rides are between 25-40% longer than CaBi estimates because I acatually have to follow the street grid and cannot magically bike through buildings.

A couple points:


2) Was the fear that Living Social members would not renew, or that people would just take advantage of the lower price (as I did).

3)I'd suggest system expansion might cut down on overage fees. When you looked at the breakdown before, it was clearly a lot of tourists using the bike for 2-3 hours. Does having more stations on the mall change that.

4) Despite the success, I'd like to see numbers that point to a real mode shift in bikeshare. Or reduced congestion. Or other improvements. I pointed you to a link by TomTom a while back that suggested traffic in DC was 20% better. IS that biking?

5) In terms of TIGER-type grants, we've proved proof of concept. Go big. From now we can focus on organic growth.

It would be nice if we had a "get out and detail you CABI" day because some of the bikes look like they need some love.

MM, I think they use the shortest route, but not as the crow flies. It's true that people may go out of their way, but the whole point is to determine how long a trip they replaced.

1. EOTR means East of the River.

2. I recall several people saying that membership would drop once the LS members had to renew.

3. I don't know. I've been crushed at work and haven't had time to interview DDOT on this.

4. Survey's show a mode shift. I doubt we could tease out the impact that bikesharing has had on traffic as there are just too many variables.

5. Some of the bikes are starting to show their age, and ride a little less smooth. I meant to mention that.

We calculate mileage based on straight line distance, so we are under calculating. We also count trips that start and stop at the same station as zero miles. Another under calculation. These are about 5% of all trips.
Anyone want to work on a more accurate calculation using the published trip data?
No we don't have GPS or mileage tickers on any CB bikes.

The point on EOTR it how underused it still is.

In terms of bikes, wasn't it a 3 year projected lifespan on them?

How underused is it?

The Anacostia Metro had 212 starting trips in the 2nd quarter of 2012. That's more than 12th and L, NW; Washington Blvd & 7th St N; 20th and L St NW; Fairfax Drive and Glebe Road; 19th and K St, and the White House station.

Also, that isn't a point. It is (or is not) a fact. Just saying some words is not a point.

Cheese hat elephant.

See, that's meaningless. If you have a point then make it.

does charlie ever have a point, other than to be contrarian? seems to be all he does on every DC blog I see him on.

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