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I was there. It was disappointing that option one had smart transit (lights that favored buses) and option two had bike lines. Cannot smart transit and bike line coexist?

Bikes in the bus lane is not a good idea. Buses and bikes do not mix well. P.S. spoken from experince

Why can't you have lights that favor buses and separated bike lanes?

Check this out for an intersection


Very very nice, David. As he says at the end, it takes no more room than a standard intersection, but is much more pleasant and safer.

David, DDOT is actually considering this kind of intersection on New Jersey Ave NW.


I'm torn between Alternative 1 and 2 as well since I support both dedicated lanes for mass transit and cycletracks.

Doesn't I (eye) St SW currently have a bike lane? I thought that was said in the meeting.

If so then the choices may be that with Alt 1 we trade the bike lane on I for dedicated mass transit lanes on M.

Alt 2 we trade the bike lane on I for a cycletrack on M.

A question asked during the meeting was how DDOT would enforce any dedicated mass transit lane. Given the history of 7 & 9th NW that would be a real concern.


With Alternative 2, setting aside the wheelchair concern, I thought it a plus that transit would be more uniformly distributed through the area.

Yes Eye St does have a bike lane. That's why the LOS on Eye goes down from the no build to Alt 1 and 2.

Seems like a false choice.

Do you want bikes OR transit.

Uh, how about both? Get ride of the parking. Problem solved. Ill take my consultant fee in cash please.

JJJJJ, what do you do in the narrower sections where there is no parking on the left? And how will passengers load and unload? From/to the bike lanes?

To avoid bus/bike issues, you could do something like penn with the bikes in the middle, so the buses (and cabs) get all the curbs they could ever want.

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