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I agree with the concerns about downhill cyclists "not where they're expected." There have been plenty of accidents involving southbound cyclists on the flat part of the cycle track. Nothing deadly since we're talking 10 mph. What happens when the cyclist is going 25+ down that hill. Counter flow bike lanes are sophisticated. 25+ mph leaves no room for error.

This comment isn't based on anything beyond hunch but I ride in the 15th St. lane (track?) going northward from Penn Ave to P St. during rushhour once per week and while I have not had a collision, that 15 minutes of my commute seems to have more near-misses (mine or other's) than most. From drivers pulling across the lanes when they shouldn't to pedestrians stepping in to cyclists doing wacky things, I breathe a sigh of relief upon exit. Is it just me?

The pictures look like something from the new Apple Maps.

And where are the parked cars, joggers and dead rats?

The cycletrack needs to be wider everywhere.

And Ren - no, it isn't just you.

Not a fan of this. To have a steep downhill bike lane terminate into an intersection nicknamed the deathstar is just asking for trouble.

Is the plan to add a bike light for the southbound cycletrack traffic and sync it with the 15th & NH traffic light?

"And where are the parked cars, joggers and dead rats?" What about the manhole covers that are below grade?

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