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road safety is entirely due to the beahvior of cars (not drivers-- intent is irrelevant -- physical conditions solicit and afford behavior...good city planners, social scientist, economists, and parents know this...). "road safety" is doublespeak for "we will punish bicyclists."

traffic engineers are the lst persons to be designing the multi-use public spaces that should be the "streets"

why? why were african americans hated in this culture in the 1950s??...why were women marginalized? etc etc... why is it impolite to draw attention top jayson werth's 127 million 7-year salary?...

road safety is a smokescreen for CONTROL, by those who think some ELSE needs controlling...they will NOT question the problematic background that makes what appears in the foreground stand out as a "problem."

when the police conduct meetings-- ignore them.


wrt the previous comment, I have always been interested in teh work of the moral development theorist Lawrence Kohlberg. Stage 4 (of 6) is focused on following the law (and not questioning it). Most police officers are hard core stage 4 types.

I can't imagine a lot of discussion will come out in terms of the relative positions of road users, the need to rebalance laws in favor of the most vulnerable users, Idaho Stops, contributory vs. comparative liability, the quality of police investigation of accidents involving pedestrians and/or bicyclists, etc.

Richard, that's mike, he's best ignored.

As to cops being law and order types, that's true, but you should do a ride along with bicycle-mounted police. You will think all the stop signs are broken.

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