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Whatever role CM once played--I did a couple out of curiosity--is now unnecessary. Biking has hit the real critical mass in DC as a viable transportation option for all.

There's no reason that the U.S. can't have the kind of systems in place in the Netherlands or Denmark

The lack of will to do so is the central reason the US is behind in not only this but many areas.


Perhaps they just do not know any better. The people here are closed minded and belive that the US is the best place in the world as is. If you show them a problem they look at you like you caused it. After all they would never have had to face how bad it is if no one brings it up. The party who points out the problem gets labeled " a trouble maker".


WHAT?! WHAAAT?! Have they no sense of decency? I need that portion of the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail to get from Cap Hill to Franklins. Now they've gone too far.

The world isn't going to change for the better unless some people are willing so push hard enough that they are labeled "trouble makers." As long as people are being killed at such a high rate ("30 times more likely"), Critical Mass, or its equivalent, is still needed.

I'm not saying that being one of the reasonable and law-abiding voices in the room isn't contributing--that role is very important and absolutely necessary for success. But without troublemakers to raise awareness and emotion, without someone getting in people's faces with the message that friends and family are being killed, without shaking bystanders out of their complacency, no one will be motivated to listen to the reasonable voices and make the challenging decisions to adjust the law, adjust enforcement regimes, and re-allocate space on the road.

Sometimes seems as if no one outside of "the choir" cares that all that killing tears at the fabric of our lives and our communities. On the other hand, political scientists are catching on that emotions can connect people across cultural divides much more effectively than logic. People can relate to sadness, anger or joy even if they don't otherwise understand why all of us "arrogant" cyclists insist on endangering everyone by getting in the way of the cars.

I don't think I'll drop my support for Critical Mass until mainstream Americans stop routinely telling me that I am "arrogant" simply because I like to ride my bicycle.

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