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1st off, this driver is clearly a nutball and there's absolutely no defense for such blatant harassment.

2nd, Colorado issued a law in 2009 that allows crossing of solid double yellow lines to pass slower traffic, so clearly this guy had no legal reason to stay behind the cyclists in this manner. I don't know the laws on honking in Colorado. This is clearly harassment, but is there a law in Colorado that states such things as this are considered harassment, or will this driver simply get off with a honking out of turn type of ticket?

According to the original video, Colorado State police are investigating.

Of course, they might find that prosecuting the driver might hurt his career, or that he was overcome by new car smell. I thought that was how it rolled in CO.

More news:

"James Ernst, 75, of Erie, Colo. was´╗┐ issued a citation for harassment (two charges), impeding the flow of traffic and improper use of a horn or warning device."

Why is this guy even allowed to drive?

A WMATA bus driver did something similar on MLK Boulevard during the 50 States Ride on Saturday.

This is where cyclists need to be equipped with an RPG. I'm sure the people who live on that road would appreciate an explosive end to the incessant honking as well.

I've gotten way, way more Zen in the last few years, but I'm impressed how these riders kept their cool, not getting angry or intimidated.

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