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I rode over the Eye St. green lane tonight and was disappointed. It's so short that drivers probably won't even notice it until they've pretty much parked their cars right on it. It really should start at the point where the sharrows turn into the bike lane, which is probably 50 feet back from where the paint is now. Also, it's almost impossible to see at night, which is kind of an issue going into autumn. Even if DDOT just put a "bike lane" sign, that would help draw attention to it.

Also, I think vibranium comes after diamond. Then adamantium, THEN unobtanium.

I ride that section of I SW once or twice a week. I love that they're trying out stuff like this, but what I'd really rather see is the previous block get a real bike lane instead of sharrows. There is a bike lane for a while, then the road goes from one lane to one straight plus one right turn only, and the bike lane disappears. There are sharrows in the lane that goes straight, but as you all probably know, merging from a bike lane into a traffic lane with sharrows is no fun. And the fact that the right turn lane is probably only necessary for cars lined up to get into the inspection station just adds insult to injury.

Albany! Sweet, now I can ride to get some steamed hams.

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