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I want elevated bikeways that pass thru the hubs of wind turbines although at 300 ft or so I might have to settle for the bikeways attached to the masts of the turbines at say 30 ft. Either way put me down for any zoning board witness spots that come up in DC. Since planes can't fly over the city anymore wind turbines should work out fine.

Elevated bikeways? Problem similar to urban highways - limited access points. Only makes it useful for longer cross-city trips, which only a very limited subset of urban cyclists would take.

my proposal for an alternative fob/fare structure - weekend unlimited 30 min rides, weekday with daily fee http://wp.me/p2GfWZ-Z

we have detailed calculations that back up this claim:

you are about 17,000 (thousand) times more likely to be ticketed for a "transporation" infraction as a bicyclist or pedestrian than as a motorist.

how in the hell is this fair? advance a better quality of life in DC? or make ANY meaningful contact with ANY notion of participatory democracy (of the sort championed by Tom over at the Jefferson Memorial)??....

WABA ought open its mouth for once and be ASHAMED that that Police Chief has targeted peds and bikes!! This is, to use the descriptor of favor of President Bush the II, "bullshit"!!

This is just outrageous. And embarassing. The Police Chief is clueless....apparently, so is the LAB and WABA as well as DDot...

" WABA ought open its mouth for once "
WABA has no back bone. They would never oppose the police because WABA's are "good" bikers. They do not want anything to do with us "COMMON" bikers or messangers.

1. If you have the data it would be nice to see it.

2. "WABA ought open its mouth for once ..."

You might like this, or this or this?

I don't think you two know what you're talking about. But if you don't feel WABA is meeting your needs, you can reach out to them, show up at volunteer nights and try to get them to change or start another advocacy group that behaves like you'd like.

Are you even WABA members? If not, you really can't complain that they don't represent you, now can you?

I sought to jion WABA in the early 70's. WABA made it clear and still does that it is for "bike commuters",i.e. yuppies. Further it is a racist little bunch. The last time I went in there for a map they looked at me like what the hell are you doing here. If you are not black then you do not know if they are racist or not . Further why would anyone join a gruop that they can not stand. WABA has done more harm then good. Yes I can complain and hopefully do something about the problem as well. Me join WABA let WABA join the real world.

The first thing Shane did as the new WABA head was try to get cyclists to pledge not to be scofflaws. Problem is, that assumes that your membership are scofflaws. That's not a good operating assumption. I had just been hit by a car, in a cross walk, with full lights and high viz on. Police sided with me. Drivers insurance bought me a new bike. And then WABA wants me to pledge to not be a scofflaw. FU!

In more recent times, it seems that WABA has become fundamentally a fund raising and granting organization. Advocacy is now done by the BACs and other orgs.

We are not members - because we vote with our dollars.

What right do we have to complain? What right do we need? Get off your high horse - I assure you, I have been involved in bicycle advocacy probably longer than you have lived in WDC. The problem with the self righteous tone is that is a pure indication of dysfunction: "I'm right, everyone else is wrong if they do not get in line and follow me." Be more concerned that those who ought to be members are declining to do so, and why - and less concern with having people sign your pledge of allegiance.

WABA has lost its grove.

re: MPD story...

What would elevate this story to the level of "journalism" would be if they included numbers on how many tickets were issued to drivers by MPD. Not automated tickets, but actual tickets written to drivers for moving violations. My guess is that it would be insignificant.

Problem is, that assumes that your membership are scofflaws. That's not a good operating assumption

It's actually probably pretty accurate.

Advocacy is now done by the BACs and other orgs.

That has not been my experience. WABA was a major reason why Mendelsohn had his hearings, for example.

What right do we have to complain? What right do we need?

You have the right to complain, but it just rings hollow if your complaint is that a group you're not a member of doesn't represent your position. NRA and AARP doesn't represent my positions. Why should they, since I'm not a member.

"I'm right, everyone else is wrong if they do not get in line and follow me."

I believe I took an exactly opposite position. I encouraged people to try and reshape WABA or to start their own organization. That isn't at all how you've characterized what I said.

WABA has lost its grove.

Well then, I'm sure that whining in the comments of niche blog will make it all better.

It is a statement of fact WABA has a history as a racist group. I object to them saying they respresent bikers. Their kind is more harm then good. Should I join the kkk to "make it better". WABA is not a major reason for anything. Bike routes, the Mt. Vernon trail, were here before they came about. WABA is the out come of more biking not the cause.

I don't see why elevated bike highways would be a bike NMBY issue. Not much noise, no pollution, elegant small, pretty lightweight structure without a lot of clumsy supporting structure below? Not divisive to communities structurally. What's not to like? Unless access is so limited that it becomes like a highway from elsewhere to elsewhere that some neighborhoods couldn't use? Even then, you could take streets to the next on ramp, just like we do with highways.

Greenbelt, you can't even put wires overhead without the Committee of 100 going crazy. I can't imagine they'll love elevated bike paths.

Wash -- I get it. I guess I was thinking like a suburbanite, where it would be difficult to further befoul the landscape.

Downside of elevated bikeways: construction and maintenance costs begin to approach the same level as a highway.

Re: Bixi daily use. There probably isn't any technical challenge to allowing out-of-town Bixi keys (e.g., ours) to function that way.

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