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"Virginia gets more highway money? Virginia??!! [repeat as necessary]" Talk about your coals to Newcastle...

According to an NPR report this morning, DC and MD also got additional unspent transportation funds that had to be sent back from other states. The report indicated that VA would use the money to resurface interstate highways in the Richmond and Hampton Roads areas. There was no indication in the report of how the MD and DC money would be used.

The GF and I were talking about upgrading out bikes last night, but decided to spend the money on Bikesharing again (120 or 150 for two) rather than buying new bikes.

Accessory purchases have also dropped off. I looked at a new pannier, decided against it.

i got a good laugh out of the Examiner front page. Stay out of the comments section there, though--there are some seriously disturbed drivers in this area.

I've watched enough movies to know that young people must've developed a special gene and/or chemical compound that makes them flock to cities and transit. I also know that there must be some way of harvesting this gene/compound, formulating a serum of some sort, and putting said serum in the water supply to transform all the old fogie suburbanites into hip urban dwellers.

Of course, attempting this almost guarantees that some sort of hero will arrive to ruin the plan, but I think it's worth a shot.

It wasn't only the examiner that had a crazy comment section. On GGW's report on the wacky headlines there are over 100 comments, which can be summarized as:
1. Bikes present a greater danger to pedestrians than cars do.
2. Bikes impede traffic.
3. Bicyclists should be licensed.

Oh how I wish Virginia would use some of this money to install paved shoulders on its roadways.

@Crickey7 my favorite was the SUV driver who specifically pointed out he drove a hybrid. Like he gets brownie points for that or something?

I saw that, too. I don't think it came across quite the way he intended.

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