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I can't help but wonder if all the expense of tech equipment doesn't also play a role. ISP fees, software costs, laptops, tablets, smartphones are all heavily consumed by young adults. All that technology sucks up $$$ that could be used to pay for car insurance which ain't cheap.

I hope that in the furture bikeshare will be open to the public.

Re bike theft in Bethesda:

People leave bikes unlocked outside in my Rockville neighborhood all the time - on front porches and in front yards, at the stores, at parks, and at the pool. I personally don't do this though - I only leave my bike unlocked when it will remain in my eyesight - because I don't trust people.

Also, what is the guy's hangup with the note pad? The cop used a note pad because in many circumstances it's easier to take notes that way than to screw around with a tablet or laptop or whatever.

He sounds more than a bit loony when he says that he doesn't want the bike back now that its purity has been sullied. "You've been riding with someone else. I can't be with you anymore."

I think there are a couple of reasons for the decline in car ownership, but among them is that cars now are like appliances. You get in, they work, and that's kind of it. They even come in something like 2 colors now, black and silver. And if there's no emotional connection, then you're not bothered by car-sharing, or even gong without for a while.

The pilot program for homeless to use CaBi sounds fantastic. Even as compact as our city is, transportation is a major hurdle for folks to get to medical appointments, housing appointments, etc. Bravo. Let's hope it continues to be successful.

I'm Gen-X and still managed to defer buying a car until my early 30s. I'd also say it continues to be regional. Friends and colleagues in San Diego were astounded that I managed to get around using public transportation.

Bike theft article, strange.

I too live in Bethesda/Chevy Chase and had my bike stolen. Recovered by MCPD after I found it on craigslist and they used 'technology' to text with the thief, even to get pictures from the guy to confirm ahead of time. They were highly helpful, more so than I would have thought. Lesson: if stolen, look on clist.

Mine was cable-locked. Won't make that mistake again. Unless I'm within 10 ft it has a mini-U on it.

You linked to yfrog.com, which has pop-up video advertisements which have their volume turned ON by default. Bad washcycle, bad.

satan, is that you?

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