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This is the only way I know of to have both trail and rail. This monorail has been in use for more or less 100 years.


I suggest you look closer to home to figure out how we can have both trail and rail. Rails-to-Trails counts over 200 trails with rails in this country, http://www.purplelinenow.com/proven_idea.html And what is the MetBranch Trail here at NoMa, chopped liver??

I wonder how many of the current opponents will sheepishly use the new trail, with its greater connectivity, safer street crossings, better surface and greater personal safety. I predict trail use will increase by several orders of magnitude, and many of those will be nearby residents who barely use it now.

There are German cities have light rail and paths at the same grade (I think Frankfurt is one) They make them leafy and green. Its not the same as an idyllic walk in the woods, but its also not a hellish nightmare.

Mount Vernon Trail is rail with trail for part of the way as well.

The Momorail is the best way to have both rail and trail and yet perserve green space , i.e. trees, for the line between Silver Spring and Bethesda.

If only they would consider monorail over Columbia Pike rather than streetcars. Micky Mouse ears optional.

Isn't the bikeshare warehouse in SW, not SE?

A tunnel is even better than monorail. Both are extremely expensive.

Daniel, I thought it was in SE, but perhaps I'm wrong. I've actually never been there.

SJE, I was going to say the same thing. Light rail is not the best option unless you care about money. Then it is.

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