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Loved the Leilah Reese story. That's how new riders are (sometimes) born. Her excitement was great to see.

My auto policy uninsured policy will cover me if I am hit on a bike by an uninsured motorist?

It's rather ludicrous to have it there. I can only guess that the planners were being ironic, or amused that the hotel was the "Mandalay" which caused them to fondly remember that Seinfeld episode.


It may well but check with your insurer.

Of course the un/underinsured motorist has to be at fault. That's always a dicey proposition here in the land of contributory negligence.

The article noted that, in Las Vegas "women commute by bicycle an estimated 0.0% (+/- .2%) of the time." In theory, a negative percentage of women could be riding bikes to work there. I'm going with common sense here and concluding that for all practical purposes, there are no women riding to work in the entire city of Las Vegas. That's shocking.

The one woman who tried riding to work in Las Vegas got a flat tire, gave up, and took the day off. Hence the negative percentage.

Quite the contrast to the Leilah Reese story (and the happily non-toxic comments that are posted).

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