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OT: RCP, Wise to Sherrill, is closed to all (including bikes and peds), 930-230 for the next few days

actually, I very much agree with the AOL quote.

The biggest problem I have with drivers are ones that follow me. They are afraid to pass me or cross over the white line.

The shootings from Michigan are outrageous, and illustrate exactly why concealed carry and open carry laws are terrible. These were road rage incidents that escalated to shooting and manslaughter because one party had a valid license to carry a handgun. In the heat of an altercation, most people are horrible judges of when it is appropriate to use deadly force. Even trained police are bad at judging, which is why we still have high profile instances of cops using deadly force when in retrospect it didn't seem warranted. These cops have years of training, it's their job, and yet they still make mistakes. Now put a concealed weapon into the hands of random gun enthusiasts with varying levels of competency, training and mental soundness, then see what happens when they find themselves in a serious confrontation. Yikes!

@Will:way to take an article about road rage and turn it into a gun debate. Cograts,you win at the internet.

FYI,gun ownership is in the constitution,driver's licenses are a privilege. And far more people are killed every year on the roads than are killed by guns. In 2011,DC had almost twice as many traffic fatalities as murders.

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