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Have Brooks figured out a way to keep their saddles from melting in the rain? I've always seen that as a drawback.


uh, duh...just purchase a lovely old-timey looking saddle cover from Rivendell (GP approved!). Same functionality as one of those ugly plastic shopping bags, but priced to sell at only $30.

I'm confused by the "only bike signal in Virginia" statement -- I pass at least 3 on the Custis every day.

I preferred the "Brooks Bottom" ad(NSFW).

Interesting about the proposed building on H Street. The LEED building where I work has several hundred auto spots and 2 1980s era bike racks. Sadly, I have only noticed the racks being full on one day so I can't really complain. However, that may change when we get showers (soon). Did I mention that the building is LEED?

LEED has requirements on bike parking, but if there are local code requirements that cover bike parking requirements, it basically punts to those.

As to the value of complaining, I'm in the fourth building where once I made a stink about bike parking, the building management either installed it, expanded it or secured it, nearly always without excessive resistance. Unless they have to give up a parking space, they typically view bike parking as a relatively inexpensive tenant amenity.

GMB: What the Mayor said was that Alexandria had the first bike signal in Virginia. It was installed a while ago. The reporter also erroneously said that the red bikes were fixies.

"Have you got a flourishing business in charming trail towns along the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP), well you didn't build that."

Nice one!

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