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No i don't. I theorize that adding more bikelanes around stations increases ridership all else held even. I don't have any reasonable basis to theorize how much adding a station would add to ridership of the system.

Given the very real limitation on dock-blocking, I suspect the idea of more bike-lanes = more mode share on cabi isn't going to work for DC.

For newer systems, yes. Are there bike lanes on South Beach?

My bad darren. I misinterpreted this line "I cannot help but wonder if the substantial investment needed for bikeshare might have more effective ridership returns if used on some more basic bike infrastructure for Dayton."

So many opportunities have been missed in Silver Spring for bike lanes - there are hardly any in the Silver Spring CBD even though the Master Plan has designated many streets in the CBD, i.e. Spring Street, Cedar, Bonifant, Cameron, as bike routes.

I hope that the push to bring Bikeshare to Silver Spring will force the issue of the missing infrastructure.

Actually, the bike share system in South Beach is tres cool.

Wayne: I hope we see more bike lanes in the Silver Spring area. There is the demand, and there is currently space.

OTOH, a lot of SS is a junction of several major roads. Also, the development in SS is somewhat complicated because of the great legacy of "ethnic" stores and the more downscale mall mixed with the more chi-chi new development.

Put me in the camp that believes Montgomery County needs to do much more bike infrastructure before they pat themselves on the back with bike sharing.

As soon as you cross the district line you are well into typical hell of suburban non-grid arterial road development.

Granted there are isolated pockets of walkable communities but MCDOT exists to ensure that the essential back bone of roads are kept as high speed worker delivery chutes pointing into the district.

And its a good strategy as those workers repay MCO in kind by depositing all their tax at home!

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