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No one seemed to object to the USADA till Armstrong got busted. There is a lot ot admire in almost everyone. A good person is one who can see the good in other people a leader is one who not only sees it but can bring it out. For me it is not winning that makes one a person to be admired but how you play the game. Respect for teamates and the other riders etc. Not cheating no matter what the others do. That is what is to be admired.

I commend Jefferson Smith for his wonderful improvisation but I am pretty sure the decision tree looked something like this: Bike? No. CaBi? Could be fun. If his first answer was Yes, we wouldn't be reading about him now.

Vince Gray is still in office? Ok, I know he is, but seriously the guy has got to be under serious federal investigation. He makes Fenty's jogging-esque scandal seem angelic by comparison. But he does seem to like cycletracks so I won't complain there.

Mayor Gray seems to like talking about cycletracks. Point me to one he's actually implemented?

JeffB, be careful. You'll have to eat your words by the end of the week.

That's OK. I've been working up an appetite anyway. But I did say implemented. Is L St that close?

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