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Don't count on enforcement by the District. If your building should have bike parking, raise a fuss with building management. Point out zoning code and LEED standards, if applicable. Suggest rack designs (better ones don't cost any more than bad ones). Try to get it installed within eyesight of the parking attendant. And make good friends with the parking attendants (a small Starbucks card at Xmas time doesn't hurt).

I've found that it may take time, but I've yet to fail in having bike parking provided where it was required.

why the mandate for solid walls? I'd think people would generally feel safer with more visibility in what usually turns out to be a small room in a lonely corner.

All existing buildings -- or just new ones.

Some sort of waiver where you make a community contribution to bikeshare would be nice.

All existing buildings.

CaBi could fall under TDM plans which many new facilities need.

My buildings bike room is dingy, dirty, and a PIA to get to as it is below ground. Worse is that thieves seem to clean it out every couple of weeks.

So my bike sleeps with me. One arm protectively curled around the top tube.

My garage's problem isn't theft, access or even cleanliness, it was people leaving their bikes there for too long. Eventually they put up a sign that said 15 days max. One guy had left three bikes and his bike carrier attachment chain linked to the rack for a month or so on end. And that's in a commercial building downtown. Go figure.

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