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Despite my criticisms of many administrative decisions of the O'Malley Administration, Kuo has really done a standup job at MVA and hopefully sticks around for the long-haul.

I'd add a note of thanks to Barry, Jim T, WABA and other advocates for their work.

I think the Washcycle family should name one of the twins "Titus" if at least one is a boy.

Anybody know if the PSA will run on local TV? It would reach the most people that way.

I wish VA would take bike safety as seriously.

Thanks guys!
@Kathy. I know that MVA gave the video to local radio and TV stations, but they did not indicate whether any of them ran it. Because it is over a minute, I would be surprised it it ran on any stations with significant viewership.

It been such a long time since I went to an MVA office, I don't remember whether they have a television somewhere playing various MVA announcements or not. That would be a good place to run it. And sending it to Drivers Ed teachers.

But does anyone make a bike with three pedals?

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