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What do you mean when you say the law "calls" for DPW to use CaBi? Any legal requirements there? I think that they should make the option available and encourage employees to make transportation choices which save the department money and allow them to be most effective in their work. If that means using a car or private bicycle, I would rather they do that then use CaBi just for the sake of increasing the pool of users.

Jameel, it doesn't call on DPW to use CaBi. It calls on them to promote its use. So they're not required to use it, but they should make it easy for employees - perhaps with free memberships or by giving employees training on the system and on biking in general - to do so.

Love this legislation! go go go approve this bill DC Council!

I hope they extend the law to DC contractors. Otherwise, there is cost incentive to outsource the work to contractors, like the garbage collector that ran over that young lady in Dupont Circle a few years ago.

I laughed aloud at how alternative forms of transportation randomly includes taxicabs.

The training part is what I think would be most helpful. It seems monthly that I see a DC municipal vehicle parked in a bike lane or worse in a cycletrack. The reflective gear would also be great.

T: I think we should include taxis. They are an alternative to owning your own car. It reminds people that if they give up their car they can still get home if they are working late and its pouring with rain.

@SJE, the young lady you mention was Alice Swanson.

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