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was there any discussion of flooding?

The trail segment near 50 and the RR tracks looks very dramatic.

Is a bridge across the Anacostia at M St in the official plans? I thought they were planning a bridge that would "land" at the boundary between Langston golf course and the Arboretum (it's still on the map)?

Yeah what about flooding? I'm worried we will get a great trail that's washed away in the next monster storm.

A trail along the west side of the river north of the golf course is very unlikely for at least the next few decades.

Fifteen years ago the Anacostia trails extended south from College Park and Forest Glenn to about 1/2 of a mile from the DC line. But instead of exending that trail to Fort Lincoln at modest cost, M-NCPPC built a bridge over the river at Bladensburg, and more recently extended the trail to within about 1/3 of a mile of the DC line on the East side. Why? Because the National Arboretum's "never" was convincing.

Having made the investment to run the trail along the East side, I doubt M-NCPPC will want to spend the resources on a west-side trail.

It is far more important to connect Cheverly to the trail via Beaverdam Creek most likely, and some steps are being taken in that direction.

Don't call it a boardwalk. Boardwalk's are for play and toys. Call it a causeway. Causeways are for utility and purpose.

I think they're talking about a concrete "board"walk in the tidal zones. Of course, storm surge flooding from a hurricane could flood it, but it probably wouldn't be damaged unless there were also battering waves. I doubt that downriver fresh water flooding would be very common in the tidal zone, but would stand corrected if others know better.

The Great Allegheny passage trail near Pittsburgh has a lot of non-wood "boardwalk" sections that seem really durable (and ride nicely -- grippier and smoother than weathered wood)

Purple Eagle, that's what I meant when I mentioned M Street. I suppose it's a little north of M though.

@WC, I guess you are right that the bridge would pretty much line up with M St. I got thrown off by that description because (1) M does not go all the way to the river and (2) for some reason I was thinking of Massachusetts.

@Jim T- Can you provide more info re the steps that are being taken to connect Cheverly to the trail? Thanks

@todd: I hope to have a relatively complete story on that in a few weeks. MNCPPC has been studying trail connections from Cheverly to the Anacostia for two years or so. Elected officials from Cheverly have been pushing M-NCPPC for the connection lately.

I've been pushing to connect the WB&A to the Anacostia trails because the lack of a trail to the east is the most obvious gap in the regional trail network.

FYI: There is a also a low volume WB&A list serve that sometimes has stuff before it makes it into a blog. You can send an email to to join the WB&A Trail list-serve.

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