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Of course there is heavy reliance on cars: we have built them paths and acted as if they are special "car paths".

The economic and legal reality is that the road are owned by everyone. While cars are meant to share the road, we all know that they are not very good at that. Whenever there is a community resource, and one group refuses to share with others, a simple solution is to take some of the resource and allocate it to others. Giving bikes a few extra miles out of the hundreds in the city is not a war on cars- failing to create lanes is a war on cyclists.

Funny how all these yahoos who dislike cyclists always seem to manage to throw the ol' "as a cyclist" bullsh!t preface somewhere into their vitriolic rant in a patent attempt to appear balanced. It is always--always--followed closely by a "but" statement.

*Sigh* So many self-hating cyclists, ha.

"Avid cyclist" is code for weekend rider, often one who pops his or her bike on the rack to go riding where cars are infrequent. Riding is recreation to them, not transportation. They believe transportation is cars, and that the road belongs first and foremost to cars.

I have no issue with that as a lifestyle choice, but to think it gives one any insight on the real life, daily battle for road space is mistaken. Case in point, an off-duty cop in DC this week pulling his DC-issued vehicle to within inches of me as I was riding to lecture me repeatedly about traffic laws that existed only in his mind.

"You can't assume people are going to be reasonable, rational or responsible,"

In other words "it's not the driver's fault he intentionally ran you off the road. Your presence sent him into a gasoline-fueled rage that was beyond his control...if you would just stay off the road in the first place, this type of thing wouldn't happen....shithead."

To be fair, the argument that 98.some percent of space is dedicated to cars is a misnomer. Officially speaking, the only lanes that are dedicated to cars are those on the freeways, where bikes are prohibited. That said, agree that this article is blowing smoke in the wrong direction.

(Yes, I was able to get to WashCycle. At sea. Heart rate starting to come down now.)

"people are attracted to the city ... to throw cash in the economy"?? Weird.

Drivers complain about cyclists on their bicycles, but they also complain about trucks and buses and other cars, too. With many of the same complaints of slowness.

...if cyclists and drivers don't respect one another. Bikers always lose.

...and remember, we can't ever talk about these issues without the implied threat of violence from drivers towards everyone else.

Froggie, maybe not a misnomer, but better stated as 98% of the roadway is available to cars, and about 95% of it is available to bikes.

I think what you meant was that 99 percent of the roadway is designed for cars, and less than 1 percent is designed for bicycles.

Hurray! I'm a 1-percenter!

I'll be nostalgic for the days when I could compete with cars on L St. not by having my own lane but by using the ones already there, which were designed for fast travel. I must be a dying breed. I love the elimination of parking though... why do cars need to be stored in the middle of the road? We don't put bike racks in the roadway.

"You can't assume people are going to be reasonable, rational or responsible," says AAA Mid-Atlantic spokesman John Townsend.

How in the fucking hell can ANY tractable definition of democracy be offered that DOESN'T assume the citizens to be rational, responsible, or reasonable?

We truly are in the Age of the Moron...the Idiocracy is live.

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