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Very surreal to see Endeavour going down suburban streets. Last time I saw Endeavour in person was in the OPF surrounded by scaffolding and servicing equipment. I am so used to seeing the shuttles so secluded from the public. Thanks for posting.

Speaking of stuff in the streets -- if the NYC subway floods tomorrow, Mayor Bloomberg is going to wish they'd had their bikeshare system up and running this year. I can't imagine a flooded electric subway section would be easy or quick to get restarted.

I don't know. CaBi is closed, so I'm not sure how much that would help.

I don't know. CaBi is closed, so I'm not sure how much that would help.

I'm guessing Greenbelt was implying that CaBi is going to be a lot easier to bring back online than a flooded subway system. That sounds like a nightmare...

Well, the Monroe avenue tunnel* flooded last year disrupting service for a few hours, but it was up and running later that day.

(that morning was certainly a clustermess though)

*or whatever it's called - the one just north of Braddock road metro that goes under Rt 1

I just hope that none of the solar recharging panels on the CaBi stations are damaged by the high winds tonight. Wind gusts could reach 80 mph or higher in the overnight hours.

Hey: this is war on cars. Space shuttles don't belong on roads. They should stay in their own space shuttle lane!

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