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Congrats. I thought you already HAD twins. Is this the same two, or more?




You're going to need a longer bike.


Same two. Before we had just found out about them. Now they're real people.



Let us know if you want to borrow this, which is sitting in our shed right now:


Wow, congratulations!!!
From someone with 3 kids, people will tell you that you won't have time to ride your bike, or it will be "irresponsible" now that you are a father.

Time is short, but that's why you need to ride. When you are strung out from late night feedings, fussing etc, at least getting out there can be the best thing to keep you sane.

As for responsibility ( setting aside the question of whether bikes are "safe", which seems to underlie the question), you are leading by example. What could be more responsible than saving money, keeping fit, and saving the planet?

Congratulations. They are beautiful. Tip of the helmet to Mrs. Washcycle. You done good.

Congratulations! Hope you get back to blogging by 2016 or so!

Congrats, Sir!

Congratulations and have fun with the diapers. Keep in mind that baby boys can really surprise you in the diaper changing arena.


Congrats! They look great.

Congratulations!! Congratulations!!




Ding! Ding! Congrats,

Congratulations. Twins are a lifelong science project on the effects of nature vs. nurture. Enjoy!

Identical or fraternal?

(I'm a twin and the father of twins).

Nice work Mr. & Mrs. Washcycle! Let us know when we can come by and drop off dinner

Congratulations from me as well!

Congratulations x 2!

Congratulations!!! (Have fun, and good luck!!!)




Mazal Tov!


Congratulations! And all kinds of respect from the mom of one toddler, about to have #2


"Blogging will be light." ... for the next 18 years. Congratulations and have fun.

Confratulations. :)



Adorable... I'm amazed you're posting at all right now... The always on top of it WashCycle. Congratulations!!

Those are keepers.

The best possible news.


Once you start going out in public, be prepared for complete strangers to start coming up to you and ask all sorts of questions. You should probably start studying up now on the biology, sociology and psychology of twins so as to not be caught off-guard. Short answers:
1. Nobody knows anything about how or why twinning happens.
2. You can tell if they're identical by comparing the shape of their ears or the pattern of blood vessels in the retina. Except in some cases, you can't. DNA is more reliable, but it's still inconclusive in about 1% of cases. All three tests boil down to someone looking at two sets of squiggly lines and deciding if they are the same.
3. The Twins Festival of Twinsburg, Ohio, is the social capital of twindom.
4. Twins are much more likely to be left handed than singletons.
5. The University of Connecticut caters to twins and has a high twin population.

Also, be prepared for Stupid Twin Questions. A sample:
Random Stranger: Are those babies twins?
Me: Yes, they are.
Random Stranger: Really? Both of them?

You could always make up a story about how cycling jostles your you-know-what, which makes it more likely that you will have twins.

Absolutely no scientific evidence to suggest that this is true. But it could be interesting to see how many people believe it.

Welcome to the 24 hour news cycle!

Now you can post 2:00 am blog updates to reflect your new schedule.

Congrats on your new life (and lives.)

You could always make up a story about how cycling jostles your you-know-what, which makes it more likely that you will have twins.

But China has the lowest rate of twinning in the world...

More twin facts to have at your disposal: people of African descent have the highest rate of twinning. Asians have the lowest rate. Europeans are in the middle.

When's the contest where you give out naming rights?

Good thing you can fit two kiddies in a burley. Best of luck to you and missus.

I'm already surprised by how many people ask me if twins run in my family - even doctors, even though there's no evidence it's genetic. Especially for the dad with fraternal twins. There is nothing about my contribution to the process that makes that more or less likely.

They're beautiful! Congratulations on your new "twinning wheels"!! May they bring you miles of smiles.

Congratulations! :^)

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