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The incident described in the Post letter is pretty freaky. It does reinforce the documented fact that the roads in Rock Creek Park are among the most dangerous in the City, particularly with regards to speeding. And yet, it is a common complaint among drivers that cyclists impede them on those same roads.

They should be thanking us for saving their lives. I'm not holding my breath, though.

Bicymple is kinda neat,but no way would I want to ride it downhill through Embassy Row.

In the landscape of professional sport right now, cycling may actually be one of the cleaner sports around.

True. Then again, it might not... We have no idea. The fact that the performance of Team Sky of 2012 looked very much like the glory days of Postal doesn't inspire much confidence. Perhaps it was their high-cadence pedaling style.

(Funny, remember that every couple of years we hear from cycling's top officials: "Well, we've fixed the problem; thank goodness that's over!")

Oboe's right. Its like every law that is supposed to once and for all take the corruption out of politics.

Glad the cyclist was ok in that crazy van flipping story, but honestly a speed camera isn't going to do anything there. People will do what they do elsewhere and slow down for the camera before speeding up. If they really want people to slow down then they ought to place some stop signs and other related items in that stretch of Beach Drive.

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