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Typo in your biking and camping trip deal link.

Thanks. I fixed it.

"Is wearing a Capital Bikeshare shirt while riding Capital Bikeshare like wearing a band's concert shirt to their concert?"


Difference: You pick out clothes to wear at a concert. You ride CaBi when it's convenient in whatever clothes you decided to wear all day.

If you are the sort who rides CaBi a lot, and/or would wear a CaBi T-shirt, it is likely that you don't really care about being the height of cool.

Riding over the 11th street bridge last week, the first thing I thought of was "these at grade crossings are going to suck with the freeway on/off traffic"

A real hipster would wear a Smartbike t-shirt.

Kolohe: the hipster would also ride a Smart Bike converted into a fixie, and proclaim how he was into this before it became cool. CaBi is "so corporate."

I wonder if you can get appropriately ironic hipster headgear.

The "don't be that guy" quote brings me back to high school. Thanks for the memory! I don't remember what movie it was from, but me and my friends would often repeat the whole quote after we saw the movie. And needless to say that movie taught us to NEVER wear the shirt of the band we were going to see.

Jenny, P.C.U.

"A real hipster would wear a Smartbike t-shirt."

Brilliant! Thanks for the laugh.

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