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Better connections to/from Andrews AFB would be a big plus, especially if the county can work with the base to get some bike improvements on base as well. Same thing with Bikeshare...if you're going to put it in at the Metro, it should go in on base too.

Why, in the artists rendering of Woodyard Road, is the bicyclist riding on what appears to be a pedestrian path when there is a clearly marked bicycle lane on the road?

Well, that sharrows, not a bike lane, but it is a good question. Especially the kind of bike. Sidewalk cycling is legal in PG County though I think.

You are right, I missed the fact that the lane is a shared lane. Still, whenever possible, adult bicyclists should keep off the sidewalks.

Are you sure it's not a multi-use path? I ask because the plan clearly calls to widen the existing sidewalk, so maybe the cyclists are allowed to use both the MUP and the road?

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