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Allow me to summarize the article:"whaaa! they need to build things just for GW students because we're special!".

Road the cycle track for the first time today. Honestly,I could take it or leave it. My route had me making a left onto L,so going into the track was pretty convenient. But then I made a right on 14th,which would've been easier had I been in the right lane. So basically it'll be great for some people.and not so great for others,which is pretty much how life works.

I like the new cycle track, but there clearly is a learning curve to manage the zones of green stripy peril. Also, it seems that at 23rd & L, it has been reclaimed as a police vehicle parking lot. Long term, I hope the CCT and the L/M cycle-tracks eventually are connected in a safe and user-friendly way.

But the L Street Cycle Track is like the Champs-Freaking-Élysées compared to the 14th St. bike lanes. It's sad, really. Above Columbia Heights, the 14th St. lanes are just eroding away. Below U St., they are so totally consumed with construction equipment, fencing, vehicles, steel plates, potholes, parked trucks, and other insane obstacles that they are close to unusable. It's too bad, because a huge and amazingly diverse array of bike riders use those lanes.

I personally prefer a true mixing zone to the crossover zones. While bikes should be able to pass cars stopped while waiting to make a left turn, we don't need cars passing bikes within the mixing zone. But this design is still better than the left-hook approach.

My main concern is that the left-most through lane needs big arrows pointing straight to help discourage left-hook turns from people who neglected to merge into the crossover zone.

I haven't had any trouble with the L street lane yet. We do need as many protected or semi-protected east-west routes as we can get.

PS, why can't they put some cones up or something on the Penn. Ave bike lanes until the paving and restriping is finished?

If Alex wants a legal career, he needs to develop logical and persuasive arguments.

I think Jim T is right about painting a big arrow.

Quite frankly, I almost think it would be easier to run the direction of the track opposite to the flow of traffic. The tricky part would be reverse crossing with green and folks trying to mix over to turn left, but maybe it makes it easier for them to actually realize bikes are there. The last time I took it I was nearly taken out by a motorist who couldn't figure it out and didn't bother to look right at all.

Improved signage (a sign along the curb halfway down the street is not helpful, particularly when we have so many idiot tourists driving around the city looking at everything else but signs) and at least a big arrow as Jim T pointed out (I've seen so many left hook turns here by dumb drivers).

I am pleased that they placed the whatever you want to call them at the entrances and exits to the lanes as some folks had been driving down the entire thing thinking they were like the K St utility lane things.

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